About Us

An above-landscape view of a group of approximately 60 people smiling and waving in front of four wind turbines in the distance behind them. It is a bright, windy day.

At Potentia Renewables Inc., we’re not just a company; we’re visionaries in the renewable energy sector, dedicated to leading the way toward a sustainable future. Our journey, driven by a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, is guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence, passion, Integrity, and agility.

Mission & Values


Our people are essential to our success, and we believe that we can win in our market by having deep knowledge of our industry and being experts in our fields.


We love what we do, why we do it and have fun doing it together.


We trust in our team to do the right thing for our people, our partners and our communities.


We are entrepreneurial, find solutions, seize opportunities and rise above challenges.

Our Vision

From the very beginning, Potentia has been exclusively a renewable energy company. Long before the demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and climate action took center stage, we’ve been putting in the work. For over a decade, we have been shaping the industry, setting the pace for future generations, and advocating for a greener world.

Foundational Principles

Our approach is purposeful and focused, rooted in established expertise and a consistent drive for excellence. We are nimble in our response to the fast-paced changes in the energy sector and creative in overcoming challenges.

A Legacy of Innovation and Leadership

Our foundation is built on an entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by our small-scale start as a roof top solar company in Ontario. This spirit has empowered us to meet the growing demands of being a trusted energy partner in an ever-evolving industry. We leverage our collective power, resources, and expertise to create impactful outcomes for our host communities.

Delivering for the Future

The increasing demand for renewables inspires us to continue our mission. Every step we take is a stride towards a more sustainable future. We are not just adapting to change; we are the change. As leaders in renewable energy development, operations and asset management, we are not only contributing to the present but also paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations.

Potentia Renewables is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and wholly owned by Power Sustainable Capital Inc., an affiliate of Power Corporation of Canada.