Bala Generating Station

Bala Generating Station

Location: Bala, the Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario
Capacity: 4.7MW
Energy Type: Hydro Energy

About The Bala Generating Station

The Bala Generating Station is a 4.7 MW run of a river water power plant located in Bala, the Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario. Every year, we generate enough electricity to power 2000 homes locally. The project has a low environmental footprint and was built at the site of an old power station that existed from 1924-1972.

Notice of Completion for the Project (under O.Reg. 116/01) was declared on October 9, 2009 at which time the Environmental Screening Review/Report (ESRR) was made available to agencies, aboriginal communities, stakeholders and the public for comments. The mandated 30 day review was extended voluntarily by Swift River to 44 days. It has been broken down into individual sections and appendices to facilitate downloading over the internet.





Contact the Bala Generating Station Team

Bala Generating Station
ATTN: Gord Kuzniak
+1 (705) 641-8872